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Donation Disclaimer

First off, we would like to thank you for taking an interest in our mission!

It's your generosity that allows us to create these magical moments.

Current Mission Trip:

Fall 2022

Save Them Young Orphanage - Tema, Ghana


Your contributions primarily fund the events we will be hosting for different child based charities around the globe. This January we will be jetsetting to Tema, Ghana. Again, since our mission is to spread positivity and joy through music, we value putting on quality events for children who may not often get the chance to really dance, play - and just be kids Upon arriving we spend time getting acquainted with the staff and children. Afterwards we emphasize teamwork and comradery through a social activity such as soccer. Following that we will have lunch and social hour. Lastly, we have our musical chairs competition and dance party. Throughout the day we will be documenting stories of individual children to learn about their dreams and aspirations and how the Global Waves Foundation can serve them. 


Below is an example of the average itemized costs for the events we will be hosting: 

Renting DJ Equipment: $500

Food for 50-75 Children and volunteers: $600

Bounce house rental: $300

GW Gift bags (hygiene supplies, t-shirt, school supplies, $20 per child): $1,000 

Staff Lodging: $400


Total: $2,800


Our intent is also to evaluate the specific needs of each charity we work with and provide some assistance if it falls within our budget. We hope this gives a good overview of the costs of doing our missions.

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